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Gratitude Week for Soldiers

Driven by a deep appreciation for the Indian Army and its unwavering service, Rohit Chinchankar, founder of Vardi, son of (Retd) Capt Ramesh Chinchanikar – Indian Army and Grandson of (Retd) Warrant Officer Gopal Chinchanikar – Indian Air Force initiated a movement that aimed to bridge the gap between civilians and soldiers, offering a platform for heartfelt expressions of gratitude.

With 15th Jan celebrated as the Indian Army Day, Vardi started a gratitude week campaign from 9th to 15th January to honor and appreciate the unwavering services of the Indian Armed forces.

The team of Vardi reached out to various schools, societies, startups, and corporates in Pune. Enthusiastic participants crafted letters, colorful greeting cards, and heartfelt video messages for the soldiers. For those beyond Pune, emails poured in, expressing gratitude and yearning to connect with the defenders of the nation.

Over a remarkable five days, Vardi collected a staggering 1500 messages, including those from NRIs residing abroad. From children drawing the national flag and chanting "Jai Hind" to senior citizens penning their heartfelt messages, the drive resonated with every generation. The atmosphere was electric with patriotism and a profound sense of appreciation.

As a personal tribute, Rohit further embarked on a 157 km cycle ride from Pune to Mumbai on Veterans Day, January 14th. Finally, on Indian Army Day, a solemn ceremony at the Colaba Military Station in Mumbai marked the culmination of the initiative. All collected messages were delivered to the Army, ensuring that soldiers across the country felt the wave of gratitude from their fellow citizens. This heartwarming gesture painted a vivid picture of a soldier receiving a letter from an unknown individual, a simple act that resonated with pure appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Here’s a small snippet from the whole week

Let’s spread smiles to every soldier throughout the country.

We believe in spreading happiness and honoring the brave efforts of our armed forces year-round. Write to us anytime, and we'll ensure your messages reach our heroes in uniform.

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