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The Story of Vardi

Uniforms of the Armed Forces have always held a place of pride and elicit fascination and awe from the public at large since centuries.

For a service person, it is an inalienable part of his identity or may be the raison deter of his existence. It is a living saga of a Soldier’s Unwavering Commitment, Selfless Sacrifice and Unilateral Patriotism.

However, like everything else in life is finite these uniforms too get discarded someday.

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The Defence Uniforms are voluntarily donated by our soldiers to Sewaaj Neesim Foundation.

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We are a start-up, working closely with Sewaj Neesim Foundation. Sewaaj Neesim Foundation is formed by Retired Army Officers.

And we, Vardi Ventures are a group of young enthusiasts who have collaborated for the initiative of finding a solution to a vexed issue of many decades in the Defence Forces.

Upon arrival of uniforms they are washed thoroughly making sure the hygiene is maintained, they are then unstitched and then Upcycled into New Products like Jackets, Caps, Tote Bags, Laptop Bags, Kurtees etc.


Our Story

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