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The Uniform

  • Uniforms of the Armed Forces have always held a place of pride, fascination & awe since centuries.

  • It is a living saga of a Soldier’s Unwavering Commitment, Selfless Sacrifice & Unilateral Patriotism.


Do you want to own a Memory of a Soldier & Support Sustainability at the same time?


Here's your chance

Our soldiers are contributing their uniforms to be cherished as memories symbolizing their endless spirit & pride thus focusing on sustainability.

These Products carry more than just threads and cloth they hold stories of Loyalty and Patriotism.

They serve as a reminder of the extraordinary lives of our Brave hearts.

Your Chance to Own a Symbol of Courage & Bravery! 

For the First time in India, your Chance to Own a Memorabilia of our Soldiers!

Upcycled Clothing & Accessories from Defence Uniforms of our Bravehearts! 

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Giving a New Meaning to Graceful Disposal

The Vardi Way

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Media Mentions

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